The Pianista

One to another was given me example, when I attended a program that spoke on music, where a group of young pianistas disputed one definitive prize. Between them it had a Chinese, blind pianista brilliant, that it splendid touched one of the symphonies of Beethoven. In one of the stages, the pianista would be the solista of an orchestra and needed if to communicate with the teacher, this worried inquired as it would be the form of if communicating with the pianista, a time that this could not see to it. The mother of the pianista the teacher supreendeu exactly saying that the pianista could hear its breath, in a considerable distance. Without hesitation website explained all about the problem. Then, both had combined a form of communication through the breath. Science is not the form to communicate itself with God and it does not have to assume the position of enemy of God, as some want to alar it, before must be worried simply in being pure science and, as music, as the art, bringing its benefits to the humanity, as it has made in recent years. For me God exists, as the love exists and believes that nobody doubts that the love exists, but as we prove the love? Which are the physical elements constitute that it? I really do not obtain to explain the love, but I feel that I love, in my arms a son when safe or a nephew and I cover to it of affectionate kisses; or when I suffer, for having that to leave my son to go for the surgery table and until I have distrust not to see it to come back, for me that is love. But please, it does not say that is nonsense to me!.

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